This fast/austerity is a cessation

One thing more should be mentioned: traditionally, we are informed that inspirations, visions, and intuitive impressions of worth occurs from 1 am to dawn. It is said that during this period the impressions emanate from a divine source. At other nocturnal periods they issue forth from the subconscious mind or from spirit beings of the lower planes.

At the conclusion of any ritual fast or austerity it is a custom in Javanese occultism/shamanism to offer a thanks-giving consisting of yellow rice, glutinous-rice porridges, fruits, etc.The practitioner would invite friends and relatives to the feast.

Below are most of the methods of fasting and austerities as taught in Kejawen. We have intentionally left out the types of the left-handed path:


In this fast one may only eat white rice without Qual era o tamanho da Arcad e noe anything else to go along with it. Not even salt or other condiments. Mutih is a tasteless meal. One may perhaps simply eat plain bread providing no salt has been added to the dough. In the mutih fast only plain mineral water is permissible to satisfy one’s thirst. One may eat several times a day but with the stated conditions or once a day as perhaps designated in the magickal rite.


In this fast one may only consume vegetarian meals. Meat is to be completely avoided. Fish, eggs, and animal products are not to be consumed in this fasting method. It is permissible to eat 3 times a day. This fast is actually the refraining from eating animal life-forms.


This fast/austerity is a cessation of all normal activities. One may not eat, drink, get out of the house, or engage in sexual activities. Sleep should be minimized. One should preferably stay in one’s room for the designated period–normally for 24 hours. During the twilight and night hours, the room should preferably be without physical illumination. The room itself should be dark. In this austerity it is permissible to visit the WC (located in other parts of the house), unlike the next difficult discipline.


Like the above, one may not eat, drink or engage in any sexual activities. In addition, one may not sleep, get out of the room, or have any physical illumination during night hours. One has to be in complete seclusion in a dark room. If one has the natural urge to discharge any waste in has to be done in the room–one with a bathroom attached to it would be a fitting place for this austerity. Depending on the requirements of the magickal rite, this austerity may run for a period of 24 hours, 3, 7 days, or more.


This is a lighter form of the above two austerities. One may not eat or drink for the designated period. Three hours is the maximum sleep allowed. One may wander outside of the house.


This is a complete fast from dawn to dusk. When one breaks the fast in the evening, one may only consume fruits–nothing else! This is a fruitarian discipline. It is permissible for one to eat as much as desired so long as they are of the same kind–bananas, for instance. The other harsh disciplines of the above such as seclusion, no sleep, do not apply in this austerity.

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