Using The Soil Tests To Save Cash

Soil test. Why do you need a soil test?

You always put the identical fertilizer down in the time of year, so why waste the money? Well, by not spending $10 to get a soil test, you might be wasting a lot of money on the wrong fertilizer. Worse, you may be poisoning the soil and producing your plants sick.

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Soil tests quantify the number of nutrition in the floor. When you purchase fertilizer, the numbers on the front of the bag are the amount of those nutrients in the fertilizer. If your soil is low on Nitrogen but is medium or even high on Phosphorus and Potassium, it is possible to make plants ill by including a fertilizer with a lot of Phosphorus and Potassium within it.

Agricultural producers test their soil annually till they buy their fertilizer. It costs money to put down fertilizer that isn’t needed. As mentioned before, the for a farmer may even make his crop sick with a lot of a nutrient or not enough of the other nutrient.

Soil tests are simple to do. You get a bucket, then go into your flower bed or yard, or whatever area you are attempting to grow things, dig two to three inches and put a spoonful of dirt at the bucket. Mix the dirt from the bucket good and put it into your dirt bag. Send it to the dirt lab and await the results. In about six weeks, then you will be given a print from the email with your land analysis.

Up to now, so good. Now, what exactly does the soil analysis mean? Usually, your county Extension agent will be more than happy to explain anything you do not understand. On the other hand, the soil test laboratory will print how much of each nutrient is in your soil and how much you really should add for the kind of plants you will grow there. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll know you are spending money on fertilizer, never scattering it to the wind.

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